Does LeBron James Have a Cavity?

Monday is arguably the worst day of the week, so it makes sense that it’s the day LeBron James decides to schedule his dentist appointments. (Or, you know, his busy NBA schedule manages to work out that way.)

As you may recall, LeBron visited the dentist on March 23, and just a couple of weeks later, The King is back sitting in one of the worst chairs on Earth. It would be an understatement to say his paranoia is through the roof:

Back at the dentist and I’m hearing a bunch of drilling going on behind me from my docs so I had to sit up like “What the heck is going on back there”. Hahaha but seriously what’s up. #DentistNightMares

It looks like LeBron might have to lay off the sweets, because two visits in a two-week timespan can only mean one thing — CAVITY! Or worse, cavities!!!

Stay strong, LeBron. Your oversized beanie should comfort you during this trying time. And if that doesn’t do the trick, you have anesthetics.