Here Are Pictures And Videos From The Riots In Lexington Last Night

It’s crazy to think that all of this happened because a few 20 year olds lost a college basketball game, but that’s Kentucky for you. The same thing happened last year and will probably happen every year for as long as they stay good,
This year from

Kentucky Wildcats’ fans went wild after a 64-71 loss to the Wisconsin Badgers, which dented Kentucky’s hitherto perfect season of 38 straight wins. Wildcats’ aficionados ran riot on the streets, setting things on fire and shrieking abuse at police.

Last year from the New York Post

Police in Lexington used tear gas to control rowdy fans, and several couch fires were lit in the streets after Kentucky fell to Connecticut in the NCAA basketball championship final.
Government official Susan Straub said at least 17 couch fires were lit overnight in the State Street area of Lexington and there were 18 injuries, most of them minor and treated at the scene. She confirmed seven arrests but had no further details in releasing a statement early Tuesday.

They even riot when they win.
From 2012 – ABC News

At least one person was shot and dozens arrested in Lexington, Ky., early this morning as University of Kentucky students celebrated the school’s NCAA basketball championship win.
What began as a chaotic celebration quickly turned into mayhem overnight as a crowd of 15,000 people rioted in the streets after the Wildcats defeated Kansas for their eighth championship win.  Fire officials in Lexington said they put out more than 40 fires, including a car, several mattresses, couches and piles of garbage that were ignited.

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