Jameis Winston Displaying His Jedi Skills

The 2015 NFL Draft is about a month away and the prevailing storyline remains, “How can Jameis Winston still be this fat?”


The answer, of course, is we have no effin’ clue. But you have to admire the guy for being so confident in his flabby bod that he still opts to take shirtless pictures. He has to know that the Internet goes crazy over them, yet they keep filtering in weekly.

As for how Jameis is supposed to lose the love handles by April 30, not sure. Maybe all that work with “QB guru” George Whitfield isn’t cutting it? Or perhaps he needs to do more Jedi lightsaber sparring sessions to work on his core strength:

Of course, Jameis doesn’t have to drop those pounds by the draft since he’s supposedly not attending — though it’d probably be advised that he lose some doughiness.