Sounds Like Kacie McDonnell Is Coming Home To Philly



If you read into what Kacie McDonnell said this afternoon on IG, it sounds like Aaron Murray’s ex-fiancee is doing the right thing and heading home to Philly. Kacie and Murray were supposed to get married in July, but he called it off in January (the couple’s wedding site is still live – the seemed to be in love). She was left working a TV job in Kansas City that kept her busy while Murray carried a playbook.

For those keeping count at home, McDonnell has now gone through two NFL quarterbacks. She dated Christian Ponder back in the day.

The logical next step is to somehow hookup with Gronk. As for Murray, it seems like he’s moved on.


So Fifty Shades of Grey was… 😮😳

— Aaron Murray (@aaronmurray11) February 14, 2015


McDonnell is mad at me for some reason. Don’t be mad at BC. Be mad at your jersey chasing skills.

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