This Patriots Tailgate Bus Has 8 Fatheads On It — $5,000

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Are you a Patriots fan still riding the high of Super Bowl 49? Then now is your chance to use that last bit of momentum to make a reckless decision and get yourself a Pats tailgate bus! For those who like to party in large groups, there’s a good option for you out in Chelmsford, MA—deets from the seller:

This vehicle is ideal for patriots Tailgating. Better than the Gronk Sinners bus, this is a 26′ long, former shuttle bus, converted to a Patriots Tailgate Vehicle. The outside has 8 Fathead life size graphics of former and present Patriots players, professionally applied by Paint De Zign. Inside seats 11 with a RV dinette and sofa (both convert to beds) and four original folding seats along the back of the bus. Dinette cushions have custom Patriots fabric (not shown). Along the other side are Oak Cabinets and counter top with plenty of storage. Bus has rear side door (handicap lift removed) and an industrial step ladder with handles for easy access to tailgate. Front and back A/C and heaters, stereo and all equipment works on this vehicle. Don’t be fooled by the high mileage (227k) on this 2003 Turtle Top shuttle bus. The 7.3 Ford E450 Diesel engine runs strong.

Visible fatheads:

– Andre Tippett

– Rob Gronkowski

– Ted Bruschi

– Rodney Harrison

– Pats alternative logo

– Wes Welker

– Tom Brady

I’ve seen of a ton of these tailgate vehicles by now and I must say, throwing fatheads on the exterior of a bus comes off as a bit lazy. But I guess you don’t have to worry about them peeling since they were professionally applied. Big plus. Also, I personally love the fact that the sofa converts to a bed. There’s always someone who gets saucy too quickly and needs time to chill out after vomiting.

As far as dropping $5k on a bus with 227,000 miles on it, don’t do that. If the sellers aren’t willing to negotiate, you’re better off waiting for something that has a bit more character.