Ray Rice Spent A Quiet Night At Home For Valentine’s Day…Just Kidding


The first thing that went through my head this morning was “What did Ray Rice do for Valentine’s Day.” That’s a legit question after the year that Ray Ray had. Would he make it up to Janay and treat her like a princess for V Day? You know, his wife.

And then I see that Ray was at Select Lounge, a downtown Baltimore club where single guys go to meet chicks. That’s right, Ray was there on V-D. Meanwhile, Janay was tweeting about some racist sending her V Day tweets.

Maybe Ray talked her into leaving the house late Saturday to hit Select Lounge to party and forget about this racist pig. I doubt it.

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Maybe Janay didn’t want to go out with Ray on Valentine’s Day because the memories are still too raw. It was Valentine’s Day 2014 when he knocked her out.