Delanie Walker Had A Worse Valentine's Day Than You

Did you have a sad and depressing Valentine’s day? Did you sit alone at home, dreaming of that special somebody that simply doesn’t exist in your life right now? If so, that’s unfortunate. But it could have been worse. Just ask Delanie Walker, who had his Instagram BLOWN UP by his girlfriend (probably ex girlfriend).
Walker’s gf, Racine, posted a RUTHLESS message on Walker’s personal Instagram page, aggressively calling out the NFL TE for a number of misdeeds. Check these out:

This is obviously pretty scandalous; but at its core, this honestly feels like a really sad situation. A pregnant ex girlfriend hacks her famous boyfriend’s Instagram account and posts an honest but desperate love-hurt note for all the world to see. Just some really sad stuff.
And Delanie Walker is one ugly dude. Bro, I don’t care how famous or rich you are- you better hold onto anything you can get because you look like my left foot.
No matter how bad your Valentine’s day was, it could not have been worse than this one for Racine and Delanie.

H/T Deadspin

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