Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall's Wedding Registry

According to their wedding registry at Williams-Sonoma, Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall’s big day is closing in (April 4)! If you’re a guest, you know what that means: Gift time.
Now, Stafford signed a five-year, $76.5 million ($41.5 million guaranteed) contract extension back in 2013, but that isn’t stopping the lovely couple from going all out with their wedding registry. People, I’m talking $150 pans, multiple whisks, multiple spatulas, and wine chilling wands. And I’m not bashing them at all for it; you only get married once—ideally, I assume—so you might as well tag like crazy at the store.
I know Joe has gotten couples gifts in the past, but I’m not sure if he’ll be biting at any of these items:

  • $549 mixer
  • $100 marble mortar and pestle (you know, to grind herbs and crap)
  • $40 sauté spoon
  • $40 wine chilling wands (set of two)
  • $350 stock pot

My pick for best under-the-radar gift? The wine bottle stopper. My fellow cheap wine drinkers out there know the struggle is real after you pop open a bottle.
[John Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall Registry]

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