Jameis Winston Invades Super Bowl, Romo Doing Cardio & Manziel Heating Up

It's not a Super Bowl party until Crab Legs shows up


Jameis Winston at Super Bowl parties

There is the #1 overall draft pick starting to make his presence felt at the Super Bowl. The new face of the league just leaving college behind and becoming very corporate. The hits just keep coming for Goodell and his vision of the NFL as utopia. Mariota’s camp should send in some hot ASU chicks to get Jameis ripped at one of the parties over the next three days. You know he’s just waiting to blow that #1 pick slot he’s in. I’m thinking Jameis ripped and motorboating ASU coeds should do the trick.

White Castle in Las Vegas

How big was the grand opening of the first White Castle in Vegas? There was a two hour line and the place had to close for two hours to restock. Hope everyone enjoys dropping multiple deuces this morning.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

Kyrie Irving scored career high 55 points in win over . He made $86,228 for his efforts tonight.