John Clayton At Super Bowl Party, Paulina Snaps Back & Grandpa Wayne’s Birthday Party


Not bad. Not the best I've ever seen, but still effective


Things heat up at the Super Bowl tonight

The annual Jay Glazer party goes down tonight, which kicks off the Super Bowl party train. I was at Jay’s party a year ago and it was loaded with the normal big names you’d expect like Strahan, Urlacher and Dan Patrick’s “Danettes.” Oh, and we saw Jesse Palmer in his element just destroying some blonde that had to go home with the guy. No way she didn’t oblige. I’m in Ohio this year. Took a year off.

Party ticket prices

The Maxim party will run you $1,800; the ESPN party will cost you $1,000 a ticket. The good news is that you get free drinks for that price. The bad news is that the parties are nothing different than a regular night out at a club. You’re not getting laid. You’re just drinking and eating finger foods.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

NFL teams scoring 40+ points in the playoffs are on a 4-23 Against The Spread losing run their next game

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