Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rumored New Girlfriend is Lucia Villalon

Lucia Villalon

Cristiano Ronaldo might be the only guy in the world who could dump a girl like Irina Shayk over a missed birthday party. Trust me, if it was any other dude with her he’d be like, “Whatever you say Irina, F my mom’s birthday party.”

But here we are, Ronaldo’s made his breakup official to the Associated Press and already he has a rumored hot new woman—26-year-old Real Madrid TV reporter Lucia Villalon.

You know it’s legit when no one wants to confirm it. Real Madrid TV was questioned about the romance and immediately deflected (via Daily Mirror):

We speak about sport and not romances on this channel.

I’m still trying to handle the fact that Ronaldo has a new girl just four days after we hear about the missed birthday incident. Perhaps this is the way to market soccer to young Americans.

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