Bama Fan Wants $240 For This Doghouse



Think of the most ridiculous item you own with a college logo attached to the item. Maybe you have those car magnets all over your ride. Flags flying from your ride. Collegiate toilet in the basement. You get the idea.

Now think of spending $240 for a Bama doghouse. Bama fans must be buying these doghouses because some guy is selling them (you can also get a Mississippi State version) on Craig’s List.

According to the seller:

I have a very solidly built doghouse made for a X Large / Large dog. Painted Red and White trim. The Doghouse is built like a actual house, the exterior walls are 3/4 plywood painted with exterior paint. The interior walls and ceiling are 3/8 mdf -vinyl framing is made with 2″x3″.
Everything is screwed together only nails are shingles and they are house grade the beams that support the deck run half way under the house and are braced under.
the deck is 3/4″ exterior fence board painted with exterior paint all exposed areas of the outside of the house are painted with exterior paint.

Attic space is insulated and vented to remove excess heat in summer

The dog house weighs 250-300 lbs

Michael says he’s willing to take reasonable trades.

I hate to ruin Michael’s business, but the university holds a licensing right to “Roll Tide” and is known to close down operations using the phrase. I can’t find another guy out there making Bama doghouses, so the logical move here is to go into business with the university. Get a licensing deal and start selling these plywood doghouses to all those fans who need a nice place for their dogs to sleep on a cold Bama night.

Bama-Dog-House-1 Bama-Dog-House-2

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