Kentucky Fan & A 13 Year Old Girl Are Wanted For Wild Crime Spree Across The South



The SEC doesn’t win a national title two years in a row and some Kentucky fan and a 13-year-old girl decide it’s time to go on some wild crime spree across the south. Police are hunting for Kentucky fan Dalton Hayes and a girl named Cheyenne Phillips. This probably won’t end well unless everyone calms down and remembers that the SEC still has Nick Saban and…well, it has Nick Saban and John Calipari. reports:

Police say the couple may have been involved in a series of home burglaries before taking off in a stolen red pickup and passing off forged checks in Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Their next and last known stop was Wednesday on Airline Road in Henry County. There, the couple allegedly ditched the pickup and stole a silver 2001 Toyota Tundra pickup with Georgia tag CF116I, Henry County police Lt. Joey Smith said in a statement. Firearms were reported inside the vehicle, he said.

Smith urged caution.

“Knowing that weapons are involved and it’s confirmed, always you are going to be on heightened alert and everyone should take caution if they see the vehicle. Never approach it,” he said.

These two are so crazy that they reportedly wrote checks for mints at a Walmart.

If you see a kid wearing a Kentucky shirt in Georgia, do not approach him. Call cops immediately.


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