Charles Barkley Only Tries to Win ‘A Couple Hundred Thousand’ While Gambling


We all know Charles Barkley is a high roller at the casino, but it looks like the TNT analyst is cutting back a bit. (Well, at least a millionaire’s version of cutting back.) The Chuckster sat down with Seth Davis of Campus Insiders to discuss the current state of his gambling, and boy are there some gems.

Charles revealed that he went cold turkey for two years because he started “gambling for too much money.” He added that he probably won a million dollars 10 times while gambling in Las Vegas, but had also lost a million “probably three times that much.”

For those keeping score at home, Charles is basically saying that he’s lost like $30 million, which is somehow more insane than the $10 million he claimed to have lost back in 2006.

Perhaps the best part of the video is when Chuck tells Seth how one of his friends told him he could win a couple hundred thousand and still have a good weekend like it was some eye-opening experience.

How Seth Davis remains composed while listening to this is beyond me.

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