NBA D-League Announcer Has Pop Culture References For Days


I’d imagine the only thing worse than watching an NBA D-League game between the Los Angeles Defenders and Texas Legends would be to actually call the game for the 15 people watching. But after watching the video above, it’s clear that Legends announcer RJ Choppy (@RJChoppy) has proven my theory wrong.

Seriously, what better place to display your arsenal of pop culture references than during a D-League game? It’s not like people are going to angrily write to the Legends because they heard “WORLDSTARRRRRRRRR!!!” after a monster dunk.

Thanks for keeping it real RJ, I haven’t heard that leprechaun thing since high school.

In the event that one-minute’ish clip wasn’t enough, here is RJ dropping some Chris Jericho and Rock references last week:

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