Steven Adams And Nick Collison Secretly Have The Best Pregame Handshake In The League

The Oklahoma City Thunder crept back to .500 last night, beating the Wizards 109-102. Kevin Durant’s 34 points were a reminder of just how good this team is when they have everyone healthy.

A major piece of this dangerous team is starting center Steven Adams, who, while only averaging 8 points and 7 boards a game, has certainly given OKC the toughness they need to win a title. Nick Collison offers more toughness off the bench.

But probably the most important element that both Adams and Collison bring to the table isn’t toughness, hard work or smart defense. No, their most important contribution are their cool freaking handshakes. Check out this example from earlier in the week:

Adams and Collison pulled out the gentlemen handshake again last night. Almost identical.

Definitely keep an eye out for more of these proper handshakes moving forward.


h/t reddit