Bama Fans Crying Over Loss, Bama Fans Pantless & Sterger At Rose Bowl

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12 Gauge & Ezekiel Elliott

They’re SOPHOMORES…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.  And they just did what they did to Alabama. What’s the difference with Ohio State from the teams that got destroyed by SEC teams in BCS games in the past? They now have the horses at the skill positions to hang and now beat teams like Alabama. I remember very well watching the 2007-08 BCS when Florida and LSU drilled the Buckeyes. Tressel’s days of playing field position on the SEC were over. Remember punt…play defense…run up the middle…short pass…punt…ball control QB? Those days are over.

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Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

Urban Meyer, now 37-3 at gets a $50,000 bonus for tonight’s win.