New Year’s Reports from: Manziel, Pippen, John Daly, Bama Fans & Dick Tips

morning twitpics


My favorite day of the year

…when people who go to the gym regularly bitch about how “packed” the gym is with all the New Year resolution folk. Never fails. You know it’s coming on your Facebook timeline from some guy you went to high school with but haven’t actually talked to in 10 years. Get a home gym, you whiny bitches.

The most read story this morning from the Las Vegas Sun is…

about snow flurries being spotted in Las Vegas. I’m not kidding. You know we’ve been tracking this winter storm for days and it finally crushed Vegas.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Cavs scored 7 points in 3rd quarter vs Bucks, tied for the fewest by any team in a quarter this season. Only other team to do it? 76ers.

That’s the sound of LeBron saying it’s just not going to work in Cleveland and him leaving yet again.