Eddie George & Kiffin On Bourbon St., IG Models In Paradise & Clemens Swag

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Ohio State-Bama-NOLA-New Years

Something is going to happen tonight. I just have a feeling. Maybe Eddie George gets arrested for public intox. Maybe some Bama fan drops a set of nuts on an Ohio State fan’s face. Something. I just have a feeling that it’s impossible for these two groups of fans to get together with all that booze and something crazy not happen. I’m starting to regret not flying down to document the mess. Maybe it was for the best.

Vegas Snow

We’ve been tracking it for several days. Our Weather Center has been telling you the white stuff is on the way for Vegas. It’s probably going to happen late tonight for the first time in six years for the Strip.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

The minimum salary for 1st year player in 2015 for =$507,500; $507,136 in $435,000 $550K