Ndamukong Suh Stomped On Aaron Rodgers Twice, Is Still A Dick

Ndamukong Suh clearly isn’t hiding the fact that he’s probably┬áthe dirtiest player in the NFL. The Lions DT has been fined a total of $216,875 over the course of his career, and another fine is likely coming. Suh stepped on Aaron Rodgers twice on one play during the Lions loss to Green Bay this afternoon, prompting an angry response from Mike McCarthy:

“I didn’t see it live, I didn’t see it on the Jumbotron, but from what I’m told, I’m told it was ridiculous…”There’s no place for that. That’s where I’m at with it. I don’t understand it, frankly.” – ESPN

Here are two different looks at Suh’s questionable steps:

You might be able to argue that the first one was unintentional, but the second really looks obvious- especially given Suh’s history.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. By all accounts, this seems like just another example of Ndamakong Suh being a scumbag.


Gfycat via Reddit