Man Attends Dolphins Game In Full Pads And Helmet

The Miami Dolphins aren’t making the playoffs this year, but that didn’t stop one loyal fan from showing up to today’s game against Minnesota dressed in full pads and helmet.

There’s a guy here at the #Dolphins game in full pads. Alone, of course.

— freddytalks (@freddytalks) December 21, 2014

As Freddy pointed out- the man is, by all accounts, attending this game completely alone. Even the Dan Marino jersey couldn’t convince anyone to come along with, which is almost as depressing as being a Dolphins fan in the first place. It’s also 76 degrees in Miami right now so this can’t be the most comfortable gear to be wearing while watching a football game.

Ryan Tannehill is playing well in a tight one with the Vikings, and the Dolphins are leading 21-17. But if anything ends up happening to Miami’s starting QB, you know this guy will be dressed and ready to hop in for his team as needed.


h/t Cauldron