Rapper Tyga Dating Sacramento Kings Owner’s Daughter Anjali Ranadive

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Remember Vivek Ranadive’s daughter Anjali Ranadive, the girl overshadowed by Mallory Edens at the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery? No, not really? Well I’ll catch you up.

Anjali has come a long way in just a couple of months. First off, she has progressed from aspiring singer/songwriter to landing a deal with Nick Cannon’s label, Ncredible Entertainment (which may or may not be a good thing). She’s also ditched the surname and now goes by “Anjali World,” on stage at least. And most importantly, she’s now dating rapper Tyga, who she has already collaborated with “artistically.”

If you’re in need of proof, TMZ (of course) caught the two getting cozy at a Kings game the other day. Vivek seems to be totally cool with it because he’s letting them perform at halftime shows together:


If you’re a tabloid fodder type of person, you may recall that Tyga was rumored to be dating Kylie Jenner.

Can’t blame the guy for wanting to hang with someone who actually has some sort of talent…


[Anjaliworld– Instagram]


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