Bama Fan Pulls Knife During Shoplifting



Crime Stoppers of Metro Alabama won’t come out and say that these two Bama scumbags were shoplifting Roll Tide gear during a December 3 incident at a Trussville, Alabama store, but I will. Look at Bama fan looking for new gear for the college football playoff. He has no intention of buying that Bama gear. It’s going right into his old lady’s bag.

Here’s what happened next, according to Crime Stoppers:

Both suspects placed merchandise in the female’s purse and when they were approached by store personnel, the male pulled a knife and threatened the employees. The suspect left in a green Mercury Mountaineer. If you recognize these suspects, please contact Trussville Police Dept. Det. D. Brown at 205-661-4007.


I’ve been pretty cynical over the past year or so towards Facebook, but something changed for me this morning. I’m deleting all the family members I can’t stand. I’m deleting all the old high school classmates I didn’t talk to in high school. I’m replacing all of them with Alabama police Facebook feeds. If you know of a great Alabama criminal Facebook page, let me know. I’m going on a ‘Like’ spree. I suddenly like Facebook again.  |   @bustedcoverage

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