BC Reader Spots ‘Roll Tide’ Truck Rolling Down The Highway



Someone with a Mississippi area code emailed these “Roll Tide Roll Truck” photos to me this afternoon without context. We have no idea where this tank is headed, where it’s coming from or where it was spotted.

What’s clear is that this Bama fan is serious about a couple things: Runnin’ over things, if needed; pullin’ things, if needed; whoopin’ some ass, if needed; watchin’ his Tide kickin’ some Buckeye ass.


@JWQuick77┬átakes credit for these photos. He reports: “This thing was a BEAST! Wife tried but couldn’t get a pic from the front! We were to busy laughing our ass off!! Looked like an older chevy or gmc 3500 or 4500 from the front!”

Have you spotted a sports-themed ride in the wild that we need to see? Let me know.


Roll-Tide-Truck-7 Roll-Tide-Truck-2 Roll-Tide-Truck-8 Roll-Tide-Truck-5 Roll-Tide-Truck-3 Roll-Tide-Truck-1