Rob Gronkowski and Justin Bieber Crashed the Clippers' Locker Room

If gawking over celebrities is your thing, then Los Angeles Clippers games are definitely one of the top destinations to engage your inner creeper. Ever since David Stern thought it would be a great idea to reward Donald Sterling with Chris Paul (and bone the Lakers), all of these glamorous people have been coming into Staples Center to steal Billy Crystal’s thunder.
On Monday night, it was Rob Gronkowski and Floyd Mayweather’s BFF Justin Bieber.

(Jonas Gray is alive!)

After the Clippers manhandled the Timberwolves, head coach Doc Rivers went all Boston and had Gronkowski and other Patriots players enter their locker room. (Unsure if he was aware that the Biebs was lurking.)


Then all of a sudden the Clippers’ locker room experience went next level with Bieber and Gronkowski posing for pictures.
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Oh, apparently Bieber and Blake Griffin are tight. Here they are locked in deep conversation:
[protected-iframe id=”389bb5e57fd66bb008548efde58653f1-22577676-53282995″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]
ESPN LA’s J.A. Adande was in awe of the very “Showtime” moment:

Props to these Patriots players for taking advantage of an away game in Southern California this week. There is no better way to get over a tough loss in wintry Wisconsin than heading out to LA for some fun then San Diego for business/fun—just make sure those alarms are set for practice.
Thanks to Canada turning his stop into a low-key photo shoot, I begrudgingly provide you all some bonus Bieber:
“Blake, are my drop crotch joggers really that bad?”

Matt Barnes contemplating strangling Bieber and friend:

“This is my chance to take a selfie with DeAndre Jordan (in his bath towel) as I wear my DeAndre Jordan jersey!”

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