Falcons Fan Works Stripper Pole Before Buccaneers Game



What’s an Atlanta Falcons tailgate without a stripper pole? Just another ordinary tailgate where guys sit around drinking beer, eating food and staring at women. What’s an Atlanta Falcons tailgate WITH a stripper pole? A real party.

This all went down on Sunday in Tampa where the Falcons were in town to get healthy against the Buccaneers.

Appreciate how the tailgate patrons are sitting around like they’re at a backyard BBQ with a BBW bouncing around a pole. This isn’t a first time for stripper poles at tailgates. You might remember 2012 when a Bears stripper wannabe took a fall off a pole. You can also go way back to 2008 when things got wild on a U. of Texas stripper pole before a big game.  And who can possibly forget the Louisville tailgate where they had a cash can for women working the stripper pole.

All of these are great moments in BC history when stripper poles took tailgates to the next level. We need to see more of this. Nothing gets women crazy at a college or pro tailgate like the introduction of a brass pole. Try it and send us photos and videos.