Chicago Bears Tailgate Stripper Pole FAIL [VIDEO]


If you are a Bears fan you are probably happy with how your team played yesterday…unless you are this chick. Confidence was growing with every beer and jello shot and she finally worked up the courage to hop up on the pole. Spinning around, she must’ve felt like she was on top of the world with the guys hooting and hollering at her every move. Then it all came crashing down…literally.

Leave it to a bro in a Jim McMahon jersey to orchestrate this whole thing. He boosts her up with no problem and she seemed to be doing alright. Then came the spin. McMahon got a little antsy and wanted to see that ass twirl. Before you know it, the girl comes crashing down to earth and the video cuts off.

Any BC readers there? Did she walk it off? Have any concussion like syndromes?

We want to know:

[h/t Guysim]

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