Lendale White Got Booted From The USC Game Yesterday



Lendale White ran for 52 TD’s during his USC career. AD Pat Haden apparently doesn’t care.

White took to Twitter to express his frustration after being escorted out by multiple security guards from the Trojans’ 56-28 home victory over Colorado. He blamed Haden for the situation, calling him a “coward.”

He even posted video footage. 5 cops helped escort White out of the stadium.

During USC’s last game, White sent a series of angry tweets criticizing the USC coaching staff, particularly DC Justin Wilcox.

Despite those tweets, White was on the sidelines for yesterday’s game. According to USC sports information director Tim Tessalone, White got into a “very loud and heated disrespectful conversation with Pat [Haden].” White was then promptly removed from the game.

Since the incident, White has presumably spent the last 12-18 hours on his couch, probably with a large bowl of ice cream, retweeting people who have reached out to him to show their support. Poor Lendale.

h/t ESPN

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