ARod's College Football Tour Rolls Into Alabama, Fans Chant 'We Want Jeter'

Is ARod now a Bama fan? Just a week after traveling to Fayetteville, Arkansas for Bama vs. the Razorbacks, your favorite disgraced, stupid wealthy slugger ARod is back at it. He was spotted last night by BC correspondent @agschwarz at the famous Bama hangout Innisfree Irish Pub.
That’s where things got interesting, according to boots on the ground
“Innisfree started chanting “We Want Jeter” while ARod was in the building, which was fantastic,” according to @charlespond.
As we’ve reported, ARod has traveled to games at Notre Dame and Nebraska where he wore his Ray-Bans and drank white wine. That’s how ARod rolls on a college football Saturday: Take in the scene & just be chill with a red cup of wine while trying to rebuild his reputation one college campus at a time.

(Joe Pannunzio is the Bama director of football operations. He used to coach at Miami.)





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