Pageviews Whining About Being Ready for “Next Erin Andrews” To Step Up



In her early ESPN days, Erin Andrews used to own the internet. Fresh images of her latest sideline ensembles were greeted with Christmas morning zeal. In fact, this very blog labeled her “Pageviews” thanks to her remarkable ability to dictate web traffic:

Because in the old days, one Erin Andrews post could pay your monthly water bill RT @IIISommers Why do you call her Pageviews?

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) July 22, 2014

But somewhere amidst her revealing hotel peephole incident, and her stop over on Oprah’s couch, a funny thing happened to Erin Andrews. She got pretty damned tired of being, well, Erin Andrews. Or at least maybe, as she suggested in a recent United Hemispheres interview, Andrews became overwhelmed by attention she deems unexpected:

“I’m still not ready for it. [My family and I] never thought this would [happen] the way it did. I came around when the Internet and the sports blogs were blowing up, so I was kind of their first experiment.”

Now, with more than a decade of experience under one of her designer belts, the former University of Florida dancer is plenty willing to relinquish her grip on a position she was never prepared for to begin with:

“There are always blogs saying, ‘It’s the Next Erin Andrews.’ I’m ready for someone to take that role on the Internet, so I kind of … don’t have to anymore. I don’t think anyone could’ve told me that this was the way it was gonna happen. Nobody put this in the Journalism 101 manual [in college]. It’s not part of the lesson plan.”

On the heels of her polarizing post game interview with Richard Sherman, Andrews’ current curriculum includes assignments with FOX’s lead NFL and Major League Baseball broadcasting crew. And though, at age 36, Andrews has little use for the internet’s fickle fandom that first put her on the map, she views her job on the field as required reading:

“Anyone that doesn’t understand why there’s a need for sideline reporters doesn’t understand the game,” she said. “Anyone that doesn’t understand it, come stand next to me during a game, and I’ll show you why you need one.”

And just in case you miss the old Erin Andrews, the one we once called “Pageviews,” the one initially knowns more for sex appeal than substance? Well, that Erin Andrews can be found on ABC, dripping with jewelry and draped in luxury, as she co-hosts the 18th season of “Dancing with the Stars.”