Oprah Has Not Actually Watched Erin Andrews Naked Peep-Gate Videos

The early Erin Andrews-Oprah teasers are being released and our brains were forced to learn this morning that O hasn’t actually seen Pageviews in the buff.

But that won’t stop her from talking about it tomorrow.Check your local listings.

In a piece that aired on earlier today on Good Morning America, O says she took her assistant’s word for what was on the videos.


“No, I didn’t want to watch the tape myself,” O tells Diane Sawyer.

So…..she is going to talk to EA about Peep-Gate without actually forming an opinion about what happened.

Isn’t that the responsibility of the host before interviewing a subject? Just asking.

Another report, via Examiner.com, says that EA was, as expected, very mad when the videos surfaced.

Andrews was visibly upset, saying she screamed to get it off the Internet — and Oprah told her audience to imagine if someone taped them secretly getting dressed this morning and put it online. How would they like that?

Not to be left out, Extra! gets in on the EA-O interview teasers:

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey airing on September 11, Andrews recalls calling her parents after learning about the nude tape. “They thought I was physically injured, that’s how badly I was screaming,” Erin admitted. “I was screaming, ‘I’m done! My career is over! Get it off! Get if off the Internet!”

Extra! goes on to say in its report that the videos have been removed from the Internet.

Yeah, the Internet magically came together and wiped its hands of the Peep-Gate videos. Right.

[Oprah On ESPN Reporter’s Ordeal]