Playboy Playmate Iryna Ivanova Is Back As An Arizona Cardinals Fan

As Playboy fades into further and further into obscurity, it’s becoming extremely rare to find Playmates taking photos in NFL jerseys so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit with our old Twitter friend (can’t remember why I followed her way back in 2011) Iryna Ivanova, Miss August 2011.
BC lifers might remember way back in 2011 when we chatted with her about college (she graduated from Arizona) and how she wanted to see Dwight Howard naked. We also found out she’s from Crimea and was going to school for her MBA. I lost track of her over the years so I have no idea if she finished off the MBA program.
Fast-forward three years and she’s posing in a Larry Fitzgerald jersey and still using those huge knockers to impress dudes on Twitter. She couldn’t have timed this better. The Cardinals are 3-0 and have a huge road game at Denver on Sunday. Go follow her and talk to her in Russian during the game.
[via @IrynaIvanova]

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