Playboy Miss August 2011 Iryna Ivanova Wants To See Dwight Howard Naked [5 Questions]


Best reason to fly more often: Iryna Ivanova, Playboy’s current Miss August, was flashing people at the airport in Las Vegas last weekend.

“I went over to the magazines at the airport and opened (the August Playboy) up to see myself,” Ivanova, 24, said from her home of Tuscon, Arizona.

“People were looking at me like ‘What is she doing; she can’t wait to get home to read it?’ and I was showing (the pictorial) to people saying ‘It’s me! It’s me!”

Originally from Crimea in the Ukraine, Iryna is a graduate of the University of Arizona where she is now pursuing an M.B.A. She also works as an English interpreter and is a “cage girl” for the World Fighting Federation’s mixed martial arts (MMA) events. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Iryna Ivanova wasn’t too busy to tell us about which NBA player she’d like to see naked, the scene at the Playboy Mansion and her relationship status setting on Facebook.

For the rest of your life, almost everyone you meet will possibly have already seen you naked. How do you feel about that, and does it create any added pressure?

Playboy is something that I have always been wanting to do. I love the way I look- my body – so, I am not embarrassed for other people to see me naked. I hope they get the magazine or go online to take a look.

Obviously your body is Playboy-worthy, which is something not everyone can say. Is there a part of your body you aren’t happy with?

Now I am ok with it, but when I was younger I didn’t like my nose. I thought it was too big. Not wide, but long, you know? It was only recently that it was explained to me that I was looking at it in a way that made it look longer. Now when I see it, I think: ‘How could I ever think it looked too long?’

So, everyone has, or will have soon, seen you naked in Playboy. Turn it around: Which well-known person- male or female – would you most like to see naked and why?

I would definitely like to see (Orlando Magic center) Dwight Howard naked. Next time you see him naked, make sure you let me know (laughs)…I am his fan. I like the way he looks, his shape and how he moves.

Are you an NBA fan, too?

I like the Orlando Magic and I like the Lakers, with Kobe Bryant…People give me grief over it. They ask: ‘Are you East Coast girl or West Coast girl?’ What can I say? I like them both.

Being a Playmate creates an opportunity for access to many well known people. Have you met – or been hit on by – any weird celebrities yet, and is there anyone in particular whom you’d like to meet?

I’m very new to the Playboy Mansion and that scene, but I am excited to go to the parties and meet the people there. I’d like to meet Usher, Drake and other people whose music I like to listen to.

What’s your status? Do you think people will be more intimidated to date you now that you’re a Playmate?

I definitely hope people will not be intimidated, because I am single and ready to meet someone. …I think guys would find out that I am nice. I give everyone a chance.

What does it take to be a WFF ‘cage girl?’

Personality. You also have to learn to interact with the fans and smile and make sure everyone is having a good time. Being cute helps, I guess. Everything you do is so the audience gets excited.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen at one of those fights?

Sometimes there are actually nasty guys — all sweaty and smelly. They will take off their shirts and throw them at me. (Laughs) I’m just trying to do my job and look pretty for the crowd and it’s weird, but at the same time it’s kind of cute. It’s a compliment, I guess.

Wait, guys in the audience or the fighters throw their shirts at you?

The audience! That’s the thing, NOT the in-shape guys, either, the other guys. I give them credit. At least they have the balls to do it.

Which MMA fighter makes you want to watch them?

I really can’t say. I just got introduced to MMA recently. It’s all still new to me.

Both Ukraine-born Klitschko brothers (Vitali and Wladimir) are world boxing champions. Do you have a favorite Klitschko, and which one would win in a cage fight?

(Laughs) I don’t know which is the better fighter, but I do know about them. I love the way they speak English with a Russian accent. I don’t have a preference; I support them both.

You work as an English interpreter and learned British English. Do you have a pet peeve that Americans use in daily language?

Not errors, but if I am interpreting for a Russian and an American and say the American guy has a Southern accent, it’s sometimes hard to understand them. Or, if they use an expression or acronym, I’ll have to say: ‘Excuse me, but that word is not in the dictionary.’

Do you ever call out American guys when they screw up their own language?

Sometimes I will just tell guys ‘You have to say that in English I can understand.’ (Laughs) Like, ‘You dig it?’ I dig what? What does that mean?

You’re a grad student at Arizona, a school known for beautiful coeds, especially on the softball team. Have you had any interaction with them or anyone on the athletic teams?

I have to agree: there are a lot of beautiful people in Arizona. Some are from California and Texas, but there are many pretty girls here….I go to games. I used to go more to the basketball games and the football games. I am a huge Wildcats fan.

Being from Europe and not knowing the history of U.S. college rivalries, does the Arizona State-Arizona rivalry mean much to you?

You know: no. I had friends with me in Vegas from Arizona State and they support me. It’s all about being from the state of Arizona.

If Busted Coverage fans ‘follow’ you on Twitter ( and ‘like’ you on Facebook (, you’ll send them special pictures?

Yes. I love to interact with the fans. I Tweet pics of what I am doing all the time. I think guys would like that.

The August 2011 issue of Playboy, featuring Iryna Ivanova as Playmate of the Month, is on newsstands now and online at, and on

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