Dan Vollmayer’s Delayed Blitz – Episode One


You might’ve seen this Dan Vollmayer guy making his Busted Coverage debut a couple weeks ago. Dan contacted me this summer and said he wanted to bring his NFL show to BC for the 2014 season. He promised to do all the work himself and didn’t seem like a pain in the ass like the 99% of the guys who email me. So I said yes. Then I sent him to a Duracell event. He turned in a great video from MetLife. Then I sent him and his wife to some whiskey event as a thank you.

Now Dan has pumped out his first NFL video.

Of course he came out of the gates fast with a Carson Palmer/Big Ben bloated face comparison, some Antonio Brown/Big Ben humor and a reference to Bruce Arians working for the Guardian Angels.

Grade: B

Analysis: It hasn’t been the best season for NFL humor considering guys are beating women and children. Dan just need to break the ice. Just needed to get rolling here.

Follow Dan at @DanVollmayer.

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