BC's New Correspondent Dan Vollmayer Invades MetLife For Duracell Event

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k1H4pQM6hg]
Say hello to the best damn sports blog correspondent in the game right now — BC’s Dan Vollmayer. I recently sent Dan on his first assignment, a trip to MetLife on a Duracell media junket that was attended by the regular media types who show up for free food and the chance to score free batteries, shirts, etc.
Not Dan.
The guy turned in one of the best media junket videos I’ve ever seen. Name another outlet that had a guy in the Giants locker room touching equipment. You can’t. Name another outlet with a guy laying down in the end zone. You can’t. You think E! had a reporter at this event making a Manning face? They didn’t. ESPN has Darren Rovell. Busted has Vollmayer. I kinda like where we’re at in this sports correspondent fight.
Vollmayer Video Grade: A
Analysis: Impressive effort at your normal media junket. I’m pretty sure Vollmayer embarrassed the other media outlets. Let’s just say Dan just redefined how you’re supposed to cover these events.
Thanks to @Duracell for the invite and the car service.


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