50-Year-Old Mom A Suspect In 100-Yard Dong Prank On Michigan Football Field



I told you earlier this week that police and school officials at Bedford High School in Southeast Michigan were hunting for the punks behind a 100-yard dong being burned into the football field at this school just across the border from Toledo, OH. It didn’t take the cops long to hunt down these dong artists.

From the Monroe (MI) News:

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reported the 50-year-old mother, her 16-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old boy are suspected of using grass killer to damage the field and mimic an act they saw on the internet. The field is being repaired and the cost to do so is in the thousands, deputies said. The names of the suspects are being withheld until formal charges are filed.

The mother, daughter and accomplice, who all live in Bedford, were interviewed. The mother faces the prospect of an additional charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The act that the three were trying to pull off is what the Internet calls football field dong. It’s the act of burning a dong into a field and became famous in Hazleton, Pennsylvania when a dong burn showed up during the mid-2000s on a Google Earth satellite. As I noted earlier this week, the satellite imagery from Hazleton has been updated and the grass has been removed for field turf.

The fail here, besides 50-year-old mom getting taken down for football field dong art, is that you have to get aerial footage of the dong for this to be a success. You have to get a drone and take photos of your art. These morons, that we know of, didn’t release an image of the art so we’re left with this shot that was sent to us.

Click to barely enlarge:




The real deal from Pennsylvania:



Do you know the mom who pulled off this prank? What’s her deal? Does she like to party? Seems like it. Let me know.