Hayden Harris Going ‘Clowney 2.0’ On Some Poor Missouri Running Back



I watched this a few times to see exactly who should get credit for this backfield collision. By the 10th play I was able to see that #7 Hayden Harris just made one of the best defensive end pee wee football plays I’ve ever seen. That’s #7 blowing up one of the lead blockers into the RB and one of Harris’ teammates on the Oak Grove Missouri team comes in to also get credit for a tackle.

That’s a 4th grader, with the towel hanging from his waist, just going SEC on a backfield. It’s a rare site and I can’t stop watching. Remember where you heard about Hayden Harris before he ends up on a Rivals Top 100 board for 4th graders.

Guess what number Clowney wears? #7.