100-Yard Dong Burned Into Michigan High School Football Field Turf [UPDATE]

Update: The above photo of the 100-yard dong was sent to us last night. It’s not the greatest photo, but it’s still a dong. Click to enlarge the dong.
Ahh, here we go again with high school football field damage in the form of dongs burned into the turf. This time it happened at Bedford High School in Michigan (just across the border from Toledo) and the school is not amused by this dong damage. The dong turf had to be removed and a game had to be moved because some punks thought it would be funny to do some dong damage.
That’s right, someone Harvey Updyke’d a dong into a field. It’s an old trick.
From the Toledo Blade:

A 100-yard long image of male genitalia was drawn into the grass of the football field at Bedford Community Stadium late last week.
Vandals used weed or grass killer to draw the “irregular pattern” on the field. The damage, which will require about a third of the field to be replaced, was discovered on Thursday, but delayed effects of the spray made the damage worse over the weekend, said Athletic Director Mark German.

What we really need to see are photos of the damage before the school dug up the dead turf. That needs to be released to the Internet so we can help hunt down these punks.
Have photos of the Bedford field dong? Let us know.
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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9bM4wOVX10]
One of the most famous football field dongs was found on Google Maps way back in 2007. It was a dong burned into a Hazleton, Pennsylvania field that was of the 50-yard variety. The grass field has since been replaced with field turf, according to Google Maps.

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