Patrick Kane Unleashed His Girlfriend Amanda Grahovec On Bears Sideline







It looks like Party Boy Pat Kane is still going strong with his girlfriend Amanda Grahovec because he let her tag along with him to Sunday’s Bills-Bears game. Of course you knew that Pat is a Buffalo native so he had some rooting interest in this one.

You know what I miss? Patrick Kane, 25, going balls to the walls at bars — drunken passed out photos, FTW — seems to be over now that he’s into the year+ stage with a girlfriend. That’s what women will eventually do to you guys. You’ll wake up one day and realize you haven’t blacked out in a bar in months, then years. You’ll roll over and see your girlfriend in bed with you and come to the realization that life will never be like the days when you’d go to Wisconsin and get completely bombed.

That’s where we seem to be with Kaner. He might have a night out here and there, but he’s to the settling down stage.

[via @JonahJavad]

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