Meet Seahawks Fan Alysson Holt

You guys have no idea how rare it is to come across a Seattle Seahawks bikini model that’s actually from Seattle. R-A-R-E. That’s exactly the bio on Alysson Holt. She’a an actual Seattle native who couldn’t possibly live in the rain and have a career so she spends most of her time living on the beach near Los Angeles. However, she was in Washington (Whidbey Island) last night for the Seahawks opener and got into her Seahawks bikini for the occasion.
It’s proven that if you want to get attention on the internet and you’re a bikini model, pose in something NFL related. You’ll get attention.
Alysson Holt profile:
• Likes Tolstoy (the author)
• Has appeared in Latin America Esquire
• Appeared on reality show I’m Too Sexy
• Likes Sleepless in Seattle
• Likes the Notebook
And she’ll even talk trash during football games. I’m telling you right now that Holt could be the breakout star of 2014 I’ve been looking for.

[Alysson Holt – Instagram]

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