Patrick Kane Slightly Drunk At Wisconsin’s Mifflin Street Party [PHOTOS]

Chicago Blackhawks stud Patrick Kane was in Madison, Wisconsin over the weekend for the Mifflin Street party, an annual rite of spring for Wisconsin students who’ve bored of bonging beers and chasing tail at house parties all winter. Time to hit the streets! Kaner, a 23-year-old legendary partier, did it up in Wisky, even wearing a fratty shirt and a sweet blue hat so he blended in with the losers who’ll be unemployed in a couple of weeks.

One young lass, @landerson_14, reported:

I died yesterday. My camera died yesterday. My dignity/self respect died yesterday. But I got 4 pics with Patrick Kane and grabbed his butt.

And some bro, @bmurphbrenn, added:

Partied withPatrickKane yesterday… Too bad he choked some girl out and got kicked out #kappasig

Wait, what?

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