Meet The 40-Year-Old Saints Cheerleader, Oldest In Team History

Middle-aged NFL cheerleaders aren’t anything new, but in a region of the county that’s renowned for its off-field talent, 40 year-old New Orleans Saintsation Kriste Lewis will go down in the history books for proving southern smokes can be older than 22 as the oldest cheerleader in team history.

Via People

Kriste Lewis was celebrating her 40th birthday with her husband and friends last October when she mentioned she wasn’t planning on marking the milestone by doing anything exciting.
“Maybe you should try out for the Saintsations [the New Orleans Saints‘ cheer and dance squad],” a friend joked.

So she did. With her 41st slated to be the same day as New Orleans’s tilt with the Packers, I’d hate to see what that friend will suggest that Kriste should do this year.

Now she’s fully fledged member of the team, she’s just “one of the girls.” As it should be.
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Here she is with Mississippi Sports Hall of Famer and former Saint Deuce McAllister. Kriste is five years Deuce’s senior and looks like she could pass for a twentysomething. Retirement has not been kind to old 2-6.
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Best of all, Kriste makes like thousands of other moms in the country and livetweets about trashy TV. It’s good to see her new fame hasn’t given Kriste a big head.

Kriste is famous because she was selected for “Miss November” for the Saintsation’s swimsuit calendar.

Her sons are proud knowing that their mother will be actively lusted by men in across the Gulf Coast over.

But perhaps an even better gift has been bestowed upon Lewis by her sons Jake, 14, and Rob, 11.

“My family went with me to a recent radio interview,” Lewis says, “and afterward Rob hugged my neck and said, ‘Mom, you are so cool!’ “

Consider that one more glass ceiling shattered.

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