Raiders Release Grandma Cheerleader Susie Sanchez Into Wild [Photos]

The day has finally come and there was no fanfare from the Raiders. We told the world in July about Susie Sanchez and her story of being the first cheerleading grandmother in NFL history. Many emailers thought they’d never see the granny in public and that the Raiders would come to their senses. Nope, this is the real deal. Susie is shaking it and meeting our U.S. Army personnel. She’s one of the ladies. Out there to be lusted over by millions of men. And grandma’s six pack isn’t looking that bad. We’re down with GILFs. 

The dude pictured with Granny Sanchez is @SSGMark, otherwise known as Craig Markley. Little does he realize in his tweet yesterday that this is a very special moment in NFL history.

We believe that Craig is the very human to have interaction with the very first NFL cheerleading grandma. Our researchers have been working around the clock since July 27 to make sure we can properly honor the man who had the honor. At least Craig is a military dude who appreciates women and fights for their freedom to cheer well into their 40s (she claims to be 37!).

Just think of how the Taliban would treat such a granny cheerleader. The abs would never be photographed and tweeted. That flowing hair would be shrouded. The smile would be a frown.

We love this country.

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[Oakland Raiders’ Cheerleader Susie Sanchez Is A Grandma! [Photos]

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