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Oct 8, 2014

Complete Vince Young's Redemption Arc By Buying His Houston Home For $815K

It’s remarkable Vince Young hasn’t been the subject of one of Tom Rinaldi’s signature soft focused, agave nectar sweet puff pieces about sports and redemption yet. Maybe when College Gameday returns to Austin someday in 2026. Ol’ VY’s redemption arc...

Oct 7, 2014

UF QB Will Grier's Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Walker Rebounds With NASCAR Driver Austin Dillon

  You got to recognize Taylor Walker’s hustle. Not even six months have gone passed and Tay has already upgraded her arm candy considerably from her spring tryst with Florida frosh QB Will Grier to her Autumn love with NASCAR...

Sep 23, 2014

Players From Purdue Make The Highest Average NFL Salaries & Other Interesting Data

The Chargers Twitter account tweeted a nifty, humble brag-esque stat last week. Did you know that CA is the state with the most NFL Players (213)? 4 of those are from Helix High in La Mesa. #Highlanders — San Diego...

Buy Patrick Peterson's House With A Peterson-Themed Basketball Court – $1.89 Million!

 Let me cut to the chase: if I had $2 million lying around, I would bid for Patrick Peterson’s house. This house is straight out of MTV Cribs. This six bedroom/ eight (EIGHT) bath Tuscan villa found in suburban...

Sep 19, 2014

BC Interview: Jay Glazer Talks Football & His Talk Like A Pirate Day Project With Captain Morgan

  It only took three days, but the Vikings appear to have finally found a way to distance themselves from Adrian Peterson’s legal woes. The arcane, convenient, completely not made up “Commissioner Exempt” list hints that the Shield has yet...

Sep 18, 2014

Buy Carlos Lee's Two Kitchen Texas Palace For $1.9 Million

    The only time you ever hear about former MLB slugger Carlos Lee these days is when some blogger whine how bad the prospects their team traded for him have blown or when some bozo on the Twitters needs...

Sep 16, 2014

Sep 15, 2014

Buy Justin Tuck's Dually Ford F-350 Beast For Just $45,100

  Justin Tuck was already well prepared for the culture shock for playing with the lowly Raiders after claiming two titles in for the Giants. A man learns to deal with Napoleon complex-addled tool bags after working in New Jersey...

Sep 11, 2014

Score This Iowa Tailgating Party Wagon For Only $1,000

The 2014 Iowa Hawkeyes have been a cruel bunch so far this season. They’ve had to gut out victories over such prestigious teams like the scrappy UNI Panthers and their ace gunner Ali Farokhmanesh and clashed on the line with...

Sep 4, 2014

Bid $15,000 on Antoine Walker's Tricked Out Benz!

Cars like this gem found on eBay are reason #3 on why, despite amassing impressive fortunes, pro athletes go broke. Reason #1 is hookers and reason #2 is cocaine. Stay away from all three, children. However for an affordable $15,000,...

Sep 4, 2014

Did Gisele Take Away All of Tom Brady's Toughness?

Kevin Plank and Under Armour are going around spinning that the reason they were willing to drive a dump truck full of Scrooge McDuck’s riches to Kevin Durant’s driveway was to merely jack up the price for Nike had to...

Aug 29, 2014

Here It Is! The Roided Rammer Jammer Bama Tailgating Beast

Everyone knows that Alabama is going to blow the doors off of West Virginia tomorrow. Nick Saban is on a two game slide and has spent the whole summer in a West Virginian cave game planning in whatever primordial soup...

Aug 29, 2014

Nick Saban Gets Lit Up On His High School Coverage Team

Nick Saban is a notorious tightass when it comes to his squad’s special teams unit. While most coaches pay the unit its required lip service, Saban is true believer. There’s no quicker way than eroding your opponents’ spirit and boring...