PICS: Kate Upton And Justin Verlander Hit The Woodard Dream Cruise

There’s no doubting that Justin Verlander has had his struggles on the field this season. The right-hander has posted a 4.76 ERA and is just 10-11. But off the field?

Verlander certainly hasn’t had any issues. He’s enjoyed a very public fling with Kate Upton, which has produced some ridiculously awesome feeder for the blogosphere, like this gif:


via nesn

More recently, the two were spotted canoodling at the Woodard Dream Cruise, Detroit’s long-running classic car event that is held every August. Here are some pics:


Walking by a yellow fire hydrant.


Standing around, with a porta potty in the background.


via twitter

Driving what looks to be an orange Lambo.

They were also spotted heading out to dinner in Birmingham earlier in the week.



Holding hands! So. Freaking. Adorable. Verlander and Upton: America’s new #1 couple.