Braves Fan Going Two-Handed Fake Oral





I have to say thanks to our great Twitter followers who pointed this one out to me while I went to my first minor league game of the year. Actually, it was the first baseball game I’ve been to all year and some lady had two extra at the gate so it was pretty much a free night. My rule for going to baseball games is pretty simple: I’ll only go before Oct. 1 if I have free tickets.

Of course I’ll go to Detroit when the Tigers are in the ALCS or World Series. I’ll blow money on that because I’m actually seeing something that matters. Baseball doesn’t matter until the ALCS/NLCS so some years I don’t even need to go to a baseball game.

As for minor league baseball, you should never pay for a ticket. Just go to the ticket window and act like you’re buying. Someone will give you tickets. Happens every time.