Wife Stabs Husband Because He Was ‘Worshipping’ Bristol NASCAR Race


Stephanie Hamman had herself an eventful Sunday afternoon. She doesn’t look like your normal chick who loves to smoke weed, crash her car into a church and stab her husband on the holy day.

But she did.

According to Birmingham, AL’s NBC affiliate:

A Church Hill woman allegedly crashed her car into a church and then stabbed her husband in the chest after telling him, “The devil is in me,” according to a police news release.

Steven Hamman told Church Hill police just before 10 p.m. Sunday that his wife Stephanie Hamman drove her car through the front doors of Providence Church. He went in the building to check on her after she called him from the church and found her lying in front of the altar. She then stabbed him with a large kitchen knife, according to the release.

Stephanie Hamman also said she was mad because her husband was “worshipping the NASCAR race at Bristol,” according to the release.

“I love to smoke it,” she said, according to the release.

Let’s keep in mind that the Bristol race was delayed by rain so maybe the husband wouldn’t turn the channel and kept watching the Fox coverage. She started all this at 10 p.m. so it seems things had been brewing throughout the day.

This is probably what sent her over the edge.

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