FSU Football Starts #AskJameis Twitter Chat And It Goes Just About As Well As You Would Expect

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Somebody in the Florida State Athletics Social Media department had the not-so-brilliant idea  to hold an #AskJameis Twitter chat today, and things are going just as you would expect.

Earlier this morning, the official FSU Football Twitter account tweeted out the below:

#Noles Fans: Do you have a question for our starting QB Jameis Winston? Tweet us using #AskJameis.

— FSU Football (@FSU_Football) August 10, 2014

Winston-haters from across the country flocked to the hashtag to rip the sophomore QB, and the results are just downright brutal:

Which sentence do you think you’ll complete first, one in English, or one for a crime you’ve committed? #AskJameis — Courtney (@Courtney_Clare) August 10, 2014

You haven’t been arrested lately. Is your FSU-hired babysitter tired of having to follow you around and tell you “no”? #AskJameis

— Morgan De La Cruz (@morganrdelacruz) August 10, 2014

#AskJameis Which did you find harder to open, the legs of the crabs or the non-consenting white women? — Brian Smith (@bsmith2371) August 10, 2014

#AskJameis Is your lawyer reading these questions to you & letting you know which you can answer or does he only do that for criminal cases?

— Hurricane_Kerri[]_[] (@Hurricane_Kerri) August 10, 2014

How does it feel getting away with rape because of your status as an FSU quarterback? #AskJameis — Brent Talley (@talleyinHD) August 10, 2014

When sexually assaulting a helpless defenseless woman do you generally slap her around after #AskJameis

— AngryBASTARD (@taxbastard) August 10, 2014

#askjameis when you were a kid which power ranger did you want to slip a roofie to? My buddy says yellow but i say your a pink ranger guy.. — Nashville Cane (@jmeade82) August 10, 2014

#AskJameis can you actually read any of this? We all know you struggle with the English

— Michael Norder (@NorderNation) August 10, 2014

#AskJameis what is the best way to rape someone? I’m having difficulty getting it in.

— Andrew (@DrNoodles) August 10, 2014

Assuming that whoever came up with this idea has already been fired.