The 10 Funniest Non-Football Ads Featuring NFL Players

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We all love seeing our favorite NFL players in football-related commercials. Whether it’s the sick Richard Sherman Beats ads or the Derrick Coleman Durcacell commercial, it’s usually cool to see players in their element.

But sometimes the best results come from low-budget local productions or just genuinely hilarious pairings. Here are 11 of the funniest non-football ads featuring NFL players that fall under those categories.

1. Matt Cassel – K-Swiss Marketing Director

K-Swiss teamed up with Cassel for it’s Kenny Powers ad campaign back in 2011.

It doesn’t get much better than Matt Cassel saying “They will impregnate your muscles.”

2. Clay Matthews – Handyman Fat Head

This one is from 2013.

Matthews’ mustache is absolutely terrifying.

3. Julian Edelman – Smoothie Tyme

I don’t know if this is even an actual commercial, but somebody filmed Edelman making smoothies and the results were pretty hilarious:

4. Haloti Ngata – Thompson Creek Window Company

The Ravens DT stars as “The Sun” in this local commercial. He needs more endorsements.

5. Joe Flacco – Pizza Hut of Maryland

Not surprisingly, Flacco is officially the most awkward person alive.

6. Jake Delhomme – Bojangles Fresh Biscuits

Delhomme teamed up with Bojangles Biscuits back in 2007 as the “Defender of the Fresh Biscuit.”

I really do feel like Delhomme + Biscuits was a winning combination. Wish we could have seen more come out of that partnership.

7. Vince Willfork – Big Y Supermarket

Wilfork teamed up with the Big Y Supermarket to promote the Superbird, the “largest rotisserie chicken in the universe.” Makes sense.

8. JJ Watt – H.E.B Burgers

Apparently JJ Watt lays out his elderly neighbors.

9. Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott – Itch Stoppers for Tivo

“BOY HOWDY!” Montana and Lot starred in this hilarious and cringe-worthy ad for Tivo.

10. Peyton Manning – Mastercard

This list would be incomplete without the infamous “Cut that meat” Mastercard ad with Peyton Manning.

Bonus: Andrea Bargnani – Primo Pasta

Obviously not an NFL player, but had to include this super low-budget ad for Primo Pasta that Bargnani appeared in while he was with the Raptors back in 2011. The bite and head nod he does at the end of the commercial is extremely awkward.

Major thanks to Reddit users ScrubtanicPass_Interferencerobfs, and manwhoshitsinyourpants.