Just A Normal Preseason Tasering Of A Fan At Arrowhead




If today is a sign of things to come from Chiefs fan in 2014, it’s going to be one helluva year for these fans. We had Andy Reid’s boobs sweating this morning, followed by a Chiefs bro proposing to his girlfriend, then the 2014 debut of a revamped Arrowhead Assault Vehicle and now comes footage of Chiefs fan getting Tasered during last night’s game against the Bengals.

That’s more Chiefs posts than I’ve written in the last year.

As for the Taser video, you see what I see. Looks like it was late in the 4th quarter. One thing led to another and we have our first police action of the season.

That’s the thing about these preseason games. So many tickets are given away that you end up with a fringe-ier element than you’d get at a regular season game. Shit usually goes down. Don’t be shocked when you see multiple preseason fight videos. The Raiders and 49ers used to play preseason games. It was a stupid idea because of shit like this. 

So congratulations to Chiefs fans on a great opening night. You earned the national spotlight.

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